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There is a list of medicines containing "Clarithromycin" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Clarithromycin drugs The last trade name of products
A Rui A Rui - Alex Alex
Althromicin Althromicin - Aromac Aromac
Arvicin Retard Arvicin Retard - Biaxin Bid Biaxin Bid
Biaxin-XL Pac Biaxin-XL Pac - Biorith Biorith
Biotherycin Biotherycin - Carimycin Carimycin
C-Cin C-Cin - Clabel Clabel
Clabexid Clabexid - Clacine Clacine
Clacin-MR Clacin-MR - Clamont Clamont
Clamycin Clamycin - Claramed Claramed
Clarasia Clarasia - Claribax Claribax
Claribest Claribest - Claricin Claricin
Claricina Claricina - Clarifar Clarifar
Clarifast Clarifast - Claril Claril
Clarilib Clarilib - Clarimycin (Gu Ju Pharm) Clarimycin (Gu Ju Pharm)
Clarimycin (Y.S.P. Industries) Clarimycin (Y.S.P. Industries) - Claripen Claripen
Claripin Claripin - Clarit Clarit
Clarital Clarital - Clarithro (Amriya Pharmaceutical Industries) Clarithro (Amriya Pharmaceutical Industries)
Clarithro (Nabiqasim Industries) Clarithro (Nabiqasim Industries) - Clarithromycin (Akrikhin) Clarithromycin (Akrikhin)
Clarithromycin (Alliance Healthcare) Clarithromycin (Alliance Healthcare) - Clarithromycin (Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical) Clarithromycin (Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical)
Clarithromycin (Cipla) Clarithromycin (Cipla) - Clarithromycin (HealthCare PharmaScience) Clarithromycin (HealthCare PharmaScience)
Clarithromycin (Heumann Pharma) Clarithromycin (Heumann Pharma) - Clarithromycin (Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical) Clarithromycin (Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical)
Clarithromycin (Labatec Pharma) Clarithromycin (Labatec Pharma) - Clarithromycin (Nihon Pharmaceutical Industry) Clarithromycin (Nihon Pharmaceutical Industry)
Clarithromycin (Novartis) Clarithromycin (Novartis) - Clarithromycin (Ratiopharm) Clarithromycin (Ratiopharm)
Clarithromycin (Reig Jofre Laboratorio) Clarithromycin (Reig Jofre Laboratorio) - Clarithromycin (Sivem Pharmaceuticals) Clarithromycin (Sivem Pharmaceuticals)
Clarithromycin (Stada) Clarithromycin (Stada) - Clarithromycin (Youngil Pharm) Clarithromycin (Youngil Pharm)
Clarithromycin (YuYu Pharma) Clarithromycin (YuYu Pharma) - Clarithromycin-DS (Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical) Clarithromycin-DS (Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical)
Clarithromycin-DS (Taisho Yakuhin) Clarithromycin-DS (Taisho Yakuhin) - Clarithromycine (Ratiopharm) Clarithromycine (Ratiopharm)
Clarithromycine (Teva) Clarithromycine (Teva) - Clarithromycin-ER Clarithromycin-ER
Clarithromycin-MR Clarithromycin-MR - Claritomicina Claritomicina
Claritress Claritress - Claritromicina (Andina de Salud) Claritromicina (Andina de Salud)
Claritromicina (Antibioticos do Brasil) Claritromicina (Antibioticos do Brasil) - Claritromicina (Boehringer Ingelheim) Claritromicina (Boehringer Ingelheim)
Claritromicina (Caferma) Claritromicina (Caferma) - Claritromicina (Dorom) Claritromicina (Dorom)
Claritromicina (Drogaria Itafarma) Claritromicina (Drogaria Itafarma) - Claritromicina (G.Y.R.) Claritromicina (G.Y.R.)
Claritromicina (Generis Farmaceutica) Claritromicina (Generis Farmaceutica) - Claritromicina (Innova Pharma) Claritromicina (Innova Pharma)
Claritromicina (Ipca Laboratories) Claritromicina (Ipca Laboratories) - Claritromicina (Leti Laboratorios) Claritromicina (Leti Laboratorios)
Claritromicina (Luciomed Farmaceutica do Brasil) Claritromicina (Luciomed Farmaceutica do Brasil) - Claritromicina (Naturales y Genericos Laboratorios) Claritromicina (Naturales y Genericos Laboratorios)
Claritromicina (Neovita Instituto Farmoterapico) Claritromicina (Neovita Instituto Farmoterapico) - Claritromicina (Pharmoz) Claritromicina (Pharmoz)
Claritromicina (Portugal Laboratorios) Claritromicina (Portugal Laboratorios) - Claritromicina (Strides Arcolab) Claritromicina (Strides Arcolab)
Claritromicina (Synthegen) Claritromicina (Synthegen) - Claritromicina (Winthrop Pharmaceuticals) Claritromicina (Winthrop Pharmaceuticals)
Claritromicina Aphar Claritromicina Aphar - Claritromicina-OD Claritromicina-OD
Claritromicina-UD Claritromicina-UD - Claritromycine (Rowa Pharmaceuticals) Claritromycine (Rowa Pharmaceuticals)
Claritromycine (Sandoz) Claritromycine (Sandoz) - Claritrox Claritrox
Claritt-XL Claritt-XL - Clarix Clarix
Clarixten Clarixten - Claromac Claromac
Claromy Claromy - Clartone Clartone
Claryan Claryan - Clathrocin Clathrocin
Clatic Clatic - Claz Claz
Clazexin Clazexin - Clitoren Clitoren
Clocin Clocin - Comtro Comtro
Corixa-UD Corixa-UD - Dentaclar Dentaclar
Derizic Derizic - Eracid Eracid
Euromicina Euromicina - Gemgen Gemgen
GenRx Clarithromycin GenRx Clarithromycin - Herico Herico
Hospimycin Hospimycin - Jawaclar Jawaclar
Jin Ke Jin Ke - Kaplon-XL Kaplon-XL
Karid Karid - Klabex-SR Klabex-SR
Klabion Klabion - Klacid Toddler Klacid Toddler
Klacid Unidia Klacid Unidia - Klar Klar
Klaramine Klaramine - Klaribact Klaribact
Klaricibid Klaricibid - Klarid Klarid
Klaridex Klaridex - Klarimix Klarimix
Klaris Klaris - Klaritromycin (Generics UK) Klaritromycin (Generics UK)
Klaritromycin (Stada) Klaritromycin (Stada) - Klaroxil Klaroxil
Klaroxol Klaroxol - Klaxid Klaxid
Klazidem Klazidem - Lagur Lagur
Laricid Laricid - Limacle Limacle
Linclar Linclar - Macrobid Macrobid
Macroclar Macroclar - Maxclary Maxclary
Maxigan Maxigan - Minebase Minebase
Mo Xin Mo Xin - Nai Er Nai Er
Naxy Naxy - Nycin Nycin
O-Clar O-Clar - Pharicid Pharicid
Pirak Pirak - Quotal-MD Quotal-MD
Rakacid Rakacid - Rithcin Rithcin
Rithmo Rithmo - Rolimax Rolimax
Romiclar Romiclar - Soferax Soferax
Spectromax Spectromax - Theracid Theracid
Thromik Thromik - Veclam Veclam
Vero-Clarithromycin Vero-Clarithromycin - Yi Chuang Yi Chuang
Yi Ren Yi Ren - Zymbaktar Zymbaktar

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